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What Our Customers Say About Us

You have to admit: It isn’t every day that a debt collection company has a section that lists comments from our satisfied customers. Then again CFS2 is not your everyday collection company.

We are dead serious about treating customers with dignity and respect. It’s because we know from experience that the best solutions to difficult financial situations come when people don't butt heads, but instead put their heads together to work it out.

Success Stories

Here are some of the success stories from customers we’ve been able to help:

Brian — Vancouver, Washington

From living on the streets to finding housing and starting a new business.

When we first spoke to Brian, he had lost his full time job of 14 years, was thousands of dollars in debt, and was living in the subway/train tunnels and shelters of Portland, OR. It took most of his energy just to keep up with his two duffle bags containing all his possessions and to find a place to safely sleep each night. When his bags were stolen, he was truly left with nothing but the clothes on his back and a part time job selling newspapers.

A subsidized housing group would not accept Brian as a resident citing his unpaid bills, so Brian asked CFS2 to help. We faxed his information to the apartment complex, and because they could see he had a desire to honor his debts and help getting it done, they were willing to help him into an apartment.

Brian remains committed to settling his debts, and with a residence to list as an address he has time to devote to his businesses. He buys and resells newspapers and is now able to expand his customer base. With his father he is starting a power washing business, getting contracts from shops and businesses to clean the sidewalks in front of their offices. From his time on the streets, he knew this was a much needed business.

Maxine — Gillette, WY

A savings of $60,000.

Through our first conversations with Maxine, we learned she was currently paying on 8 accounts. She was behind because her husband passed away, and she would use his life insurance policy to settle her debts. As she became more trusting, it became clear that we could almost certainly negotiate better payments than she was currently making. We asked her to let us to help her save some money, and she agreed. Through our negotiations we were able to save Maxine over $60,000 on $105,000 of total debt owed.

Daniel — Orange, CA

An 80% settlement at 0% for a pay day loan.

Among other credit problems, Daniel had taken out a payday loan for $2,500 @ 135% interest. He fell behind in his payments and the balance quickly moved up to $10,888. Finally, Daniel called us and was upset to the point of being in tears. He was being called 15-16 times a day and the debt collector threatened to send the Sheriff to his place of employment and garnish his wages. CFS2 convinced the creditor to forgo garnishing Daniel’s account, to accept an 80% settlement, and to drop the interest to 0%. After making 17 payments at 0% interest, Daniel will have paid off his loan.

Jane — Brighton, IA

A new job, and we are still looking for a better one.

Jane, who shared her account with her son, Daymon, became unemployed from her factory job of 12 years. She was on unemployment, and she and Daymon managed to make consistent payments, failing only with good reason. This became more difficult when Daymon’s seasonal employment was ending and Jane’s unemployment was running out.

Jane’s primary need was for a job. Both Jane and our Recruiters searched and applied for many jobs, but the right position was not to be found. We asked her, “Where would you really like to work?” After thinking about it she replied, “Wal-Mart.” We made application and received an interview date for a job at Wal-Mart. The interview went very well, and when we followed up, we learned she got the job! We will continue to look for an even better paying factory job for Jane, and we will perhaps be able to find work for Daymon, as well.

Phan and Olivia — Panorama City, CA

Suspended payments, a great settlement, and food for the family.

Phan and his wife, Olivia, were making regular payments on their account with CFS2; however they were struggling. CFS2 was negotiating a particularly difficult account that had threatened to take Phan to court, and Phan was a little short of the money it took to take advantage of a really good offer. We suggested that we suspend his payments to CFS2 for two months, giving the family enough available cash to take advantage of the offer. In addition, we were able to put the couple in touch with a food pantry that would really help cut down their food bills. This has clearly been a turning point for the family. Phan says, “You are the best company in the world.” Olivia is already starting to think about rebuilding their credit.

Amy and Scott — Johnstown, CO

A new job and new hope.

Scott is handling the account for his wife Amy, and he has been through a repeating cycle of being hired and then laid off. The family has no income and is surviving on the help of Amy’s mother.

Scott was in need of food, utility assistance and dental work for his daughter’s impacted teeth. We sent him information on utility assistance and a free dental clinic. We also helped him fill out his food stamp application over the phone.

More than anything, Scott needed a job. We developed a resume for him and made application for an Estimator/Project manager with a construction company. We received news that he has the job! Scott is so grateful for this position where he will make more money than he has in years. We told Scott how happy we were for him, and he thanked us for all of our help and for “being so nice” to him.

Dorothy — Kent, WA

Help finding legal aid and contacts for auto and real estate sales.

Vernon reported taking a reverse mortgage on his home and gave the money (later learned to be $24,777) to an attorney to settle his outstanding debts. The attorney was not very responsive and gave conflicting settlement information. Eventually, the attorney would not communicate with us at all. After taking the proper steps, we resumed conversation with our consumer.

Vernon”s wife Dorothy became our contact, because Vernon had a stroke and was ultimately diagnosed with cancer. She was angry to learn that their mortgage money was gone, and only three debts had been settled. She was receiving calls from other creditors and asked CFS2 for help. Dorothy’s immediate needs of food and housing were being met, but she was unsure how to sell her car and two lots in Bella Vista. We located and sent information from a real estate agent and a consignment car sale. Dorothy wanted to be able to get some of her money back from the attorney. We located legal aid for her and gave precise directions on how to apply for help.

When we called back to see how everything was going, Dorothy was crying because Vernon had passed away. We expressed our sympathy and assured Dorothy we would call to check in on her in a few days. We will work to keep the financial pressures off of Dorothy in this difficult time.

Jennifer — Vista, CA

Battling a serious illness; CFS2 helped with food, medical care, and disability income.

Jennifer is a bright, educated woman whose life turned upside down two years ago when she became ill with CVS, cyclic vomiting syndrome. Jennifer’s CVS periods typically end with lengthy hospitalizations which have resulted in over $2,000,000 in unpaid medical bills. She is too ill to work and has no financial means to settle her accounts. Her sister is trying to help her hold onto her house and car. Her unemployment payments have been terminated and she has no income for food, medicine, or paying bills.

Jennifer’s needs were many, and CFS2 sought every available service with great results.

  • With Jennifer on the phone we filled out her job application information, giving us all the information we needed to complete other forms on her behalf.
  • We completed her food stamp application. Jennifer now has $200 in food stamps so she can get the nutrition she needs.
  • We completed the forms for her Medicaid application. She is now on Medicare, so after being in the hospital three times in the last two weeks, her $30,000 hospital bill will be taken care of.
  • With Medicare came a new doctor who is helping Jennifer with new medication.
  • We assisted her in filing for disability. She has been approved, giving her a source of income.
  • We connected Jennifer to a CVS Organization web site and a CVS Support Group blog.

CFS2 continues to assist Jennifer, and will begin a job search when her health improves.

Elizabeth — Sheldon, IA

Two jobs to success.

Elizabeth lost her job, her husband had his hours cut, and they were losing their house. They decided they would sell their house and use the money to settle their bills. Until then, there were many bills to pay. It was at this point that Elizabeth and her husband divorced, and she was homeless for a time. Back in an apartment, Elizabeth looked to CFS2 to help her settle her account and to find TWO jobs. She figured it would take two jobs to get herself out of debt and back on her feet.

We developed a resume for Elizabeth and started applying for work as a CNA. Elizabeth found her own part time work at McDonalds (30 hours per week) and also accepted a nursing home job we located for her (40 hours per week). She is going to try to keep both jobs, so she can quickly get back her life back on track.

Sarah — Excelsior, MN

Settlements for “friends.”

Sarah and her husband were having a hard time keeping track of what they owed to whom. He worked out of state so communication was very difficult. After some of their accounts moved to legal status, Sarah asked us to negotiate settlements on their behalf. With properly prepared hardship information we were able to stop involuntary actions such as garnishment, bank levy, etc., and make a lower settlement on an account with a scheduled hearing. We have settled accounts so far at an average of 46% of the balance. We are continuing to work to settle other accounts, and when we called with recent information, Sarah was particularly glad to hear from us. She had told her husband she was worried about us in the tornados, and he kidded her about her concern over their “debt collectors.” She reports she informed him, no, they have helped us beyond belief and we are “friends.”

Anna — Chicago, IL

Food and therapy.

After being out of work since 2010, Anna doesn’t know how she will pay her bills. With no job and no family in the area to help, Anna is in a very precarious position. She has mortgage payments to make on her house, after which she has so little remaining income that she only eats every other day. She has an attorney applying for SSI but has not been successful so far. In January, 2013, Anna reported she was so depressed it was difficult to go on. We sent information on available mental health options and notified her of several food pantries. We also completed a resume and started looking for employment.

Anna reported she is feeling better because of the help she has received. She is eating better after visiting the food pantry and has attended group therapy at the Mental Health Center. With our help she is applying for food stamps and is optimistic she will find a job soon.

Etta — Jacksonville, AR

Bad tenants may cost Etta her house.

Etta and her now deceased husband worked hard to plan for their retirement. She owns several rental houses; however many of her tenants are not paying their rent and she lacks the funds to evict them. Some rental houses need repairs she can neither afford nor do herself. She recently fell and broke her arm, and then fell again breaking her wrist. Because she owns multiple properties, she does not qualify for many social programs. She has a reverse mortgage on the house and owns the rental houses outright, but she believes she is about to lose everything because her rental income is almost nonexistent.

We were able to give Etta a person to contact at the Sheriff’s office who will walk her through what she needs to do to evict the nonpaying tenants. In addition, we put her in touch with a local organization with volunteers who will clean and make repairs to people’s homes. Finally, while she is fairly incapacitated by her broken bones, we explained how she could get free home health care through Medicare. We will continue to work with Etta to get her feet back on the ground.

Allison — Carson, CA

Stop the disturbing calls.

Allison is in his early seventies, is disabled, and lives on a fixed income. Twice the bank has tried to foreclose on his house, but Allison has managed to save it each time. The light at the end of the tunnel is the resolution to a 17 year fight to win a workman’s comp case which is expected to settle in August, 2013. When he has those funds, we will be negotiating his accounts so he can get the best possible settlements. In the meantime, Allison has signed a POA which should stop the harassing phone calls. One particularly persistent collector admitted getting the POA (which contains a cease and desist order), and yet he admitted continuing to call. He twice refused to send a validation letter, and after refusing to let us speak to a manager, said he would not call Allison again.

Anastasios — Astoria, NY

Not enough to eat, but he was worried about CFS2.

At one point in Anastasios’s life, he was a relatively wealthy man. After the loss of his savings in the stock market and the loss of his wife to cancer, he was homeless. He finally obtained an apartment in a low rent housing development. After Anastasios pays his rent ($400) and his car payment, he has less than $100 per month to pay the rest of his bills (including electricity, food, medicine, etc.). Since food is a particular need for Anastasios, we have sent him multiple contacts for groceries or meals he can go and get or that can be delivered to him. We have also located free medical clinics in his area. We are representing him in negotiating his other debts which will eliminate the phone calls from his other creditors. Anastasios truly appreciates our help, as evidenced by his calling in May because he was concerned and wanted to be sure we were not affected by the strong tornados in our area.

Nancy — King, NC

Negotiating three accounts and getting one account forgiven.

Nancy started working with CFS2 in October, 2012, and has come a long way in a short period of time. She is a 66 year old woman who suffers from Lupus and a detached retina. She subsists primarily on disability payments and receives help with food from her church. She felt tortured by constant phone calls and threats to take her car or to send the Sheriff to her house. She needed all the help we could give her.

Nancy enrolled 4 accounts for us to negotiate and was thrilled and appreciative when the collection calls stopped. CFS2 was able to negotiate settlements that average 38%. Even more incredible was the success we had with one creditor representing a $4,400 account. After stressing Nancy’s hardship conditions in several conversations, we were able to convince the creditor to totally delete the debt and remove it from their credit report.

Sarah — Ozark, AL

Small changes are important, too.

After Sarah loaned a credit card to her daughter to start a business, and the daughter loaned it to her brother to buy a car, Sarah was faced with a large credit card bill she could not pay. She is retired but has a second home she hopes to sell in order to settle her account with CFS2. While waiting for the house to sell, Sarah is paying on her account but is also trying to find additional ways to increase her payment. At her request, we sent her information for assistance with paying her utilities. We were also able to help with her at-home mending and alteration business by locating affordable business cards. In addition we located legal aid and a nearby historical society to help her save a local cemetery where her mother is buried. She reports using all information and looks forward to settling her account soon.


Here’s a small sample of the sorts of comments we regularly get from our customers:

I just wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic experience with your company. I spoke with Pat Wallen several times today, and she just helped me with everything that I needed to know, and she made everything very simple for me also. It was fantastic news when I got the call with the settlement amount, and I just want to thank you. It was a pleasure working with all of you. So thank you, and have a great day!

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the candidness, the respectfulness, the professionalism that I have been shown, not only by Janine, but also what appears to be a corporate motto. I’m a lawyer. I deal predominately with credit issues, foreclosure issues, tax issues and some of these calls with the collection agency can be real nasty. And I can just say this though, for CFS2, as appears to be the philosophical and business philosophy behind this company. I call that a breath of fresh air, and I just want to say thank you.

Hi, Mr. Bill Bartmann. My name is Xxxxx Xxxxx, and today is Wednesday, March 2nd I think. I can’t keep up with it. I’m calling regarding Connie Quinn—she’s been helping me. We have a son who’s very, very ill. He has seven mental illnesses. He tried to murder me 13 years ago. He stabbed me 21 times, and he has been hospitalized for quite a long time. He’s been out for a little while and trying to live on his own. He went back onto some mania couple years back ago and charged some amounts on 10 different credit cards. He’s relapsed and was in the hospital in the psychiatric unit this summer. I’m working four jobs. My husband’s got one to try to take care of some of his, like car payment and utilities. **** having a struggle, he cannot pay his credit card bills—they’ve gone into collection. That’s why Connie, I’ve been dealing with Connie. I have just recently become my son’s power of attorney, and I’ve written letters, and sent doctor reports. Letters telling about my son’s illness, and I’m trying to see if his debt can be forgiven. And I just need to let you know, it’s very emotional in my heart about what a blessing Connie Quinn has been—I wanted to let you know. I just can’t say enough about her. She is somebody that’s helped to give me some peace and comfort. She is the most polite, kindest debt collector I’ve ever heard—working with these things I’m doing for my son. I just can’t say enough, and I just wanted to know. And I know I didn’t have to call, but the best thing is I wanted to let you know.

Although sometimes in life debt collection calls can be annoying, I understand that you are only doing your job.

I will say that Tonya Jones was extremely nice, professional, easy to talk to, and very understanding. You need more people like Tonya Jones in your company.

Thank You

This thank you is long overdue, but like I tell my children—a late thank you is better than no thank you. I have to tell you, Russell, that you and CFS2 have been the best and most courteous debt collection company my husband and I have worked with—from the first person answering and transferring my initial call, then conversing with you last month, and now today with Amanda. I am so thankful for the kind people your company employs.

I don’t know if you have ever had financial problems, but it is very stressful and depressing. I don’t know how my husband and I got ourselves into so much credit card debt—well actually I do, and it’s just plain stupidity. Also, in the past year, we never suspected my husband’s hours and wages were going to be cut drastically, and we never suspected our youngest college age daughter would try to commit suicide which thankfully, her boyfriend got her to the hospital in time. My family comes first, and I took six weeks off with four of those unpaid while she got well. I am so thankful she is now healthy and happy and will graduate from the University of Montana in Missoula this May of 2011.

So, with that said, thank you for being so kind to me as I can tell you there have been a couple of agencies that were downright rude and accused me of making up stories and even made me cry. My husband and I are hardworking people and intend to pay all of our bills and we hope that in 18 to 24 month we have paid off all of our credit card debt and never use credit cards again.

Wishing you, Russell, and all of the staff in your company a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season. God bless.

To Whom It May Concern:

The reason that I am writing this email is because of my experience with CFS2, but especially their representative, Forrest Elliot. I had the pleasure of working with him regarding my very outstanding balance with one of my credit cards. He was very understanding and compassionate. If more creditors would approach people that owe money this way, I think a lot of debt would be paid off.

When my husband abandoned my kids and I and filed for divorce, this left me with a lot of debt and no way to pay it. I had been a stay-at-home mom homeschooling our kids for 12 years. I had an education, but in this economy, the job market is very competitive, leaving me with few options of income. As I now receive support and have undertaken training for a new career, this will take time to complete before I am on my own two feet. Meanwhile, the debt increases with fees and penalties. I had pretty much given up on most of the debt with the attitude that it’ll just have to wait. I see the phone calles coming frequently from my creditors, and want to pay something, but it never seems to be enough.

Anyway, Mr. Elliot agreed on a good faith payment from me which is not much, but is a commitment to paying my debt. He was very pleasant and compassionate, and accepted my offer for a monthly payment until such time as I can pay more. This is so much better than trying to avoid creditors because what I can pay is never enough for them. I also want to avoid them because some of them are really nasty, and I have to hang up on them. This can be very stressful. I really appreciate the approach of this company to collect debts. It has truly been encouraging.

Hi. My name is Xxxxx Xxxxx calling on behalf of Xxxxx Xxxxx. My ID number is ######. I just recently this morning spoke to Cecil about getting Xxxxx’s account settled and I just wanted to report that he was wonderful to deal with and treated me with the utmost dignity. Thank you

I just wanted to say how completely impressed I was that the people you have working for you treated me with respect. They worked around my specific issues with not being gainfully employed at the moment. They listened to what I had to say. I’m just completely amazed, I have never had a collection agency treat me with so much respect and dignity. I really feel good about it and I rarely feel good about confronting debts. So you know, the people you have working for you did a bang up job and I just wanted to say so myself to tell you how impressed I was. So, thank you very much for your services and yes we will be in touch. Thank you.

Yes, in dealing with Sara Parrish, she has been more than helpful in getting us to clear up this account. If every other creditor worked with their clients the way she does, I don’t think there would be any problems with overdue bills. And I appreciate her working with me.

This was the single most amazing experience I have had in dealing with debt collectors. Your representative, Forrest Elliott, was courteous and eager to work with me to resolve the situation…which he did with amazing result.

I only wish that all debt collectors would be as helpful and respectful as this company, and work with us to resolve our debt.

This company has helped me, and I am very grateful and thankful.

I appreciate your help and helping me to correct this debt problem that I have. Carrie and Tonya were very nice to me, and I appreciate all that you’re doing for me, and I look forward to working with you to get my debt settled. Thanks so much for your help.

Hi, Bill. My name is Xxxxx Xxxxx, and I called in on behalf of my daughter. I wanted to let you know that I have been working on dealing with my debt myself over the past 5 years, and I called in and spoke to Carol Stotts and her supervisor Donna, and I wanted to let her know that at the end of our dealings that we have read the insert that you had within the notice that was sent to her and, you know, we were questioning the whole philosophy of it. But I wanted to let you know that everything that you stated in that letter about dealing with us with dignity and respect was completely followed by every single staff person that I spoke to whether it be who answered the phone, Carol, that I dealt with for my daughter’s account, Donna, her supervisor, and I was so impressed. I felt so comfortable talking to everyone, and they were so compassionate and helpful, and I just didn’t want the call to end without letting somebody know that if every debt collection type establishment could run and function the way yours did, things would be so much better for everyone, and I am sure there would be far more happy people who would be willing to settle their accounts. Everybody makes mistakes. So, I just wanted to let you know that. I want to thank you and especially, I want to thank Carol. Good night.

I dealt with Brian Murphy and he was amazing. He was very respectful. I was treated with dignity and he was very helpful. Because, until I got with him myself hopeless on getting this debt paid off, and now I’m gonna be debt free. So, I appreciate the manner which I was dealt with.

Hi, Bill. My name is Xxxxx Xxxxx, and I had a chance to work with Sarah, and I believe it’s her supervisor, Ryan, and they were excellent to work with. I appreciate their approach, and we had some tough times financially with the business I had owned and used the line of credit that we could not satisfy in full. And they worked with us cooperatively and collaboratively to find a schedule that we could pay off enough of the debt that we felt good about, and that the structure that was suitable for our situation. I appreciate their effort and their approach and just certainly set the hard higher and you know, highest that I have seen within your industry.

This email is to let you know that this company was wonderful to us—they did not get hateful or put us down.

They were very friendly and nice. I wish more would be like this. Chris and the lady that I talked to were very nice. They never raised their voice or tell us they are going to take the home if we didn’t pay this bill. They were very understanding. Great job.

Thank You So Much

To Whom It May Concern:

As too many Americans have issues with credit during these difficult times and are falling behind with payments, it has been a pleasure working with CFS2 to correct my problem.

Not all agencies are polite and friendly, but rude and downright intimidating.

During my lifetime, I have never had an issue with debt, but due to a health issue with one of my children, I have fallen behind. This is not something I am proud of, and I think of it every day. Working with CFS2 has been a pleasure, and no scare tactics have been used.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

This letter is to describe my experience with your company, CFS2. I initially got a phone call from Damon regarding my account being charged off from US Bank to your company, which I had no idea at the time. Damon was very polite and informed me of my balance and tried to see if I was in a position to pay at the time. During this brief conversation, I notified him that I was not able to pay my balance due to my hours being cut at work, and I could not talk to him at the moment because I was stepping into class. I asked if he could call back in a few days while I decided what I could do to resolve my debt.

Damon called back a few days later like we agreed, and was willing to work out an arrangement that would fit my budget and needs. He did not act rude, condescending, or treat me like a collector would just as I heard from other people’s experiences. This made me want to actually talk to him to work something out. After exchanging ideas, I was able to borrow money from my uncle and scrounge some myself to make a lump sum settlement. Damon took my payment information and thanked me for working with him.

My last thoughts of my experience would be that the collection industry needs more people like Damon to help others resolve their accounts.

Thanks again

Your company is currently responsible for collecting my past due balance formerly with Fulton Bank of Pennsylvania.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the courtesy that one of you staff members, Damon Baldridge, has shown me while discussing options to resolve my debt. Mr. Baldridge’s non-threatening approach and genuine concern during our conversations has been appreciated.

Being in this predicament is the last place I ever thought I’d be, but dealing with an individual like Mr. Baldridge certainly makes it less painful.

I am writing in response to working with CFS2 on debt recovery in regards to a credit card debt that I have been working with Russell to satisfy. In these very difficult times, I have unfortunately been one of the many folks placed out of work due to my position being eliminated. My wife had previously tried to satisfy our debt with the credit card company in an effort to at least pay what we could, and the credit card company refused to accept a lesser payment thus placing this debt in default.

Russell has been assigned to recover the debt, and in brief conversations on the phone I appreciate his humanistic approach while dealing with me. He understands my situation and has approached me in a very professional manner. Russell’s approach is welcoming, and I wish others in his field do take the same approach. Instead of belittling people and making them angry, he encourages them to do what they can.

I appreciate his approach in working with me, and he deserves the respect that he gives people like me that are struggling to make ends meet. Great job, Russell.

I have regrettably had to deal with a lot of debt collectors recently due to some unexpected hardships. Over the past few months there have been some that have been willing and enjoyable to work with and others that have been extremely rude. Working with Amanda Wolfe and CFS2 has been a great experience. They were friendly and easy to talk to. They worked with me on designing a plan that would work for me and my situation—making it a win-win. I feel that it is important to treat others with dignity and respect and generally people will treat you well in return. People who are having financial problems really don’t want them. They don’t want to be late on their payments, they don’t want handouts, they are just trying the best they can and the rug gets pulled out from under them. The creditors who treated me badly made me feel like I was a thief and dishonest and a horrible person. I try very hard to be honest, and I feel bad that I have not been able to meet all of my obligations. I am thankful for people like Amanda who are understanding and willing to give me a hand to get out of the pit I am in.

Important Information Required By Law: This communication is from a debt collector.
This communication is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.